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crazy surprize) Date: Jul 10th @ 10:26pm EDT
in a typical day, I decided to surprise my loved one and make a gift for long days before I did Dolce calculation of how to do to get it as needed, and then one sunny day I awoke early in the morning bought a large balloon in the shape of a heart and useful to the roof of his home (5 floors) had to climb very quietly so as not to hear the neighbors) one was at the bottom that tells me) when I looked down, I felt dizzy and I thought to do nothing but take courage, I began gently to do everything in QUALITY cargo I filled a small ball of water tied the thread to the big balloon and began to slowly lower down ,15 minutes later I had all happened when I went downstairs to the other, I called and told him to look out the window, he was shocked, but also very nice, the rest of the day we spent together
2 days prior to departure Date: Jan 16th @ 4:02pm EST
my dear, just a few days before my departure, I would like each of you will see again, as I said before that you do not be sad I'm going to blog in nemya'll talk about your vacation, my first blog will be about a holiday in the snowy mountains Caucasus, then tell how I will celebrate my birthday, very sorry that we can not attach photos to the blog so you watched my life, you can also write me a message which I will answer, I will look forward to your messages and hope to see you in the near future.

Sincerely yours, Rufus!
My 2 month to F4F:) Date: Jan 13th @ 2:48pm EST
Hey, I'm here recently for a small period of time, I met a lot of nice people to me,I wrote earlier that I wanted to learn English, so I can say that there is progress, of course I still can not speak freely, but I understand what you write to me, it's very cool thank you, I hope soon you will speak English free, I would tell all my subscribers that from 19 January-February 8, I go on vacation, I want you not think that I left F4F , I'll be for you to blog, you can write me a message, which I will gladly answer
My first day ) Date: Nov 21st @ 4:29pm EST
Hey! This is my first day on Flirt4Free, i'm so excited to be here ) everything here is new to me and I'm very curious to find out as many details as possible. I've been told that people here are really nice and that spending any amount of time here doesn't even feel as work, hope that's all true ) So far I like it here, people are friendly and flirty, just the way I like it. I hope I meet many new friends here and maybe even learn a few things. Plus I think it's a great opportunity for me to learn English better, since it can be very useful in life - I learned some English at school, but not as much as I would like to Also, I'm still young and haven't tried some of the kinky stuff yet, but I hear that people here will help me with that gladly. This is so exciting, I can barely even describe all feelings and emotions I'm experiencing at the moment. Who knows, maybe I'll even find that certain special someone I've been looking for all my life. So I hope to see you all in my room soon, I'll do my best to make good impression.
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